Star Wars- The Force Unleashed II for PS3

Amazon has a some extra savings on the PS3 Copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II!

Get your game on with the action packed sequel to the epic Force Unleashed Saga in Star Wars! In this game you once again play as Starkiller as you hunt for your missing companion Juno as Darth Vader attempts to clone you in pursuit of making the ultimate Sith Warrior. This sequel comes with more over-the-top force powers than the last and pits you up against some of the most intense dark forces around. The events in this game are key plot lines which shift the story of Star Wars Episode III to Episode IV and is one of the fastest selling Star Wars games ever made. Wield the force like no other and take what is yours, decide whether to be good or evil, guided or misguided and get the revenge you deserve!

$11 in instant savings makes it just $18.99.  Add about $5 for delivery.  It’s $5 more for the Xbox 360 version

Troy Coutu

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