Spotify Premium Review

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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    Some advice: Don’t start an article with “I don’t care who you are.” I couldn’t even read more… I don’t care who you are either.

  3. I can’t play my music when I won’t to play it it goes straight to the radio I need help I don’t want the radio I just want to listen to my play list help please

  4. Neither 160kb nor 320kb is ‘CD quality sound’.  CD’s output 1411kb per second; more than 4X the bit rate of the compressed formats.  That translates into several decibels more dynamic range from the CD, and artificially compressed sound from the 160kb and 320kb files.  Those compression algorithms are not even close to perfect, so MP3s are merely degraded copies of the CD, which is a degraded copy of the master tape or 24-bit master recording file.  These differences are far from inaudible.  They make Spotify useful for casual settings, but not really useful for seriously listening to music.  Everything is overcompressed, but thankfully not nearly as bad as FM radio.

    • gadgetreview

      So you can sync YOUR music to the Spotify iPhone app free of charge.  However, if you want to sync, as in download music from Spotify to the Spotify app you’ll have to have to purchase the $9/month service plan.  Does that make sense?

  5. Can you use the app on your computer, ipad and iphone? I have all 3 and would want to use it on all my devices like I do my pandora, netflix, hulu, etc accounts. 

    • gadgetreview

      Yes, you can, but not simultaneously unless you put the devices into OFFLINE mode.  That is to say you can have one device streaming, but if you want to playback music from another device at the same time you’ll need to download music to the device and switch it to offline mode.

  6. Please proof read your posts – there are too many lazy (appearing illiterate) bloggers on the web as it is. And “the Europe”… seriously? You’re not doing much to break the ‘insular Americans’ stereotype.

  7. I have had so much fun playing with Spotify since signing up, and I take every opportunity to rave about it to any one who will listen to me.  I love the variety that is available…one day I can listen to the entire Madam Butterfly opera and the next day listen to 2 hours of Jerry Lee Lewis.  Fabulous!  My free trial-run of 6 months will expire soon.  Will I be signing up for the pay service?  You Bet I Will.  Now I can’t imagine being without Spotify.  And, no, I don’t work for Spotify.  I’m 68, retired, and live in the middle of nowhere. 

    • I tried spottily at my son’ house. HOWEVER, I have paid my money and CANNOT get any service at all.   Spotify is a rip off!!!

      • gadgetreview

        Rob,  can you detail your problem a bit more.  Keep in mind you can only stream from one device at a time.  Also, sometimes they do have hiccups in the search feature, which seems to have gotten a bit worse since my review.

  8. You can buy  Spotify Premium E-card from here just for ~7$/month (1 year subscription), I think this price is really good for this great service :)

  9. i was pretty impressed with how easy and quick the spotify app is when it comes to searching and playing music, but my one complaint i have is that you cannot sort your saved music by artist or album on the mobile app, so in order to find a particular song in your offliine music you have to sroll through the entire list of songs in the order in which you downloaded them, which is incredibly frustrating considering the fact your paying 10 bucks a month for something with such an irritating flaw. I think im going back to frostwire if it isnt shut down yet.

  10. To be fair, Spotify has implemented a radio type service. It's under the artist page in “Artist Radio”. That being said, it's somewhat limited, and not available on the mobile platform. Other than the minor gripes you mentioned, I'm deeply in love with Spotify. I almost never deviate from built in platforms (i.e. Safari, iTunes, ect.) But I have since made an exception for Chrome and Spotify.

  11. As an update, the iPhone app does show the bio information now Christen. Just wish it had related artists as you said!

  12. Friendly Swede

    Some more Spotify invitations:


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  15. Spotify is well designed service with great features, but people seem to be forgetting that the U.S. has had a service like their premium service for quite a while now.  Rhapsody may not have the cutting edge 320 kbps sound quality that Spotify Premium has, but the difference is neglible to non-audiophile types like me.  Spotify is also attached at the hip to it's desktop client making it less flexible to users of various PC's and operating systems.  Rhapsody entire music catalog can be played on its website from any flash enabled browser regardless of OS without need of a desktop client.

    • Christen da Costa

      Jediguy that's a fair point in terms of the computer. However the client enables the P2P component which means very little loading. Also Rhapsody asks 15$ for their mobile service which is $5 more than Spotify. However I'm sure that will change very soon.

      • The P2P component is very impressive.  When I tried Spotify out last week, the speed at which playback started was one of the only things that really impressed me.  That said, the difference in speed between the two services is a mere fraction of a second which doesn't make any significant difference in the experience.  In regards to the price, keep in mind that Rhapsody offers more to their users with the extra $5.  Currently Spotify doesn't offer anything comparable to Rhapsody's radio system which gives users an option similar to Pandora One and Slacker Premium.  They also offer their playlist directory where users can access playlists created by Rhapsody programmers or other users.

  16. “But if your’e willing to invest $4.99 a month the quality improves a two fold to 320kb, ” Check your facts $4.99
    Is unlimited and don't give you access to 320kb But Premium for  $9.99 does. Also correct this ” Premium costs $4.99 a”. But I Agree Spotify is great.

    • Thanks Pat.  I thought that Unlimited offered the high bit rate – it doesn't.  Their site is a bit cryptic when it comes to unearthing this info.  I was also under the impression that you could use the site in offline mode, but it looks like you have to be a Premium subscriber to do this.  I've also discovered that their iPhone app has a bug that doesn't allow you to make playlists – it crashes.

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