Sous Vide Supreme Review

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3 Comments to Sous Vide Supreme Review

  1. robertjueneman

    I'm glad he likes sous vide cooking, but it's too bad the author didn't do a little more research before writing this.

    1.  As for the “first and only affordable home sous vide machine,” the Sous Vide Magic by Fresh Meals Solutions came out long before the Sous Vide Supreme, and it only costs $159.  You can use it with a rice cooker, a old Crockpot, or with the Fresh Meals Magic heater/bubbler and a beer cooler, or literally even your kitchen sink.

    2.  For meat, it is important to keep the time spent between 4F and 131F to under 4 hours.  So 130F for 7 hours would not be recommended.  On the other hand, brisket cooked at 131F for 72 hours is fantastic.  Just be sure your thermometer is really accurate — most aren't.

    3.  Meat cooked sous vide will not come out gray, as claimed, but rather the exterior will look the same as the inside of the steak.  You can post-sear it in a hot pan, or on the grill, or with a butane or MAPP torch, in order to brown it and bring out the Maillard reaction that heightens the taste.

    4.  The temperature of 85 degrees for vegetables cited in Thomas Keller's book (Under Pressure) is 85 CELSIUS (185F).  Corn-on-the-cob with butter, lime juice, and some chipotle chili powder at 145F for 30 minutes is fantastic.

    • 1 – I admit I didn't know about that, but it's not the complete package that the Sous Vide Supreme is.  I.e., it doesn't have it's own container.

      2 – I went by the directions in the book.  It said the times I referenced.

      3 – The meat DOES come out a grey-brown color, but again searing fixes that

      4 – That was a mis-type on me.  I knew the right temp and posted the Celsius one for some reason

      I worked with all the materials I was sent :)

    • Updated to change my mistakes.  I'm niot changing the time issue however as that's what was in the book, and I'm also not changing my color comment.  Had I not already boxed it up, I would have taken a pic (if the image server wasn't acting up as well) to show what I meant

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