Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Price and Launch Date Announced

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Razer Blade Laptop
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23 Comments to Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Price and Launch Date Announced

  1. Evox_prem

    i am comfortable with the laptop idea but the price if u are lowering it i might have an idea of buyin it

  2. Abdulmajid Zubailah

    with that price i could buy both a gaming PC and a gaming laptop :S

    Asus G74SX cos about 1360$ , then you’ll have 1440$ to spare for a PC Considering that intel’s I7 2600k costs 320$ and  AMD’S latest Graphic card 7970 cost about 590$
    that’ll leave u around 530$ for the Case , cooling system,ram and the rest of the components

  3. AsherArsenic

    Eh its pricey just as alienware but kids hear gaming laptop and they could care less how much it is if they can get their hands on the money. I might be buying one but I’m gonna wait till its out and people actually review the product before throwing 3k out the window for a laptop that could just be an over priced piece of crap. 

  4. One thing no one ever mentions is the heat this could generate…

    If I were to play this on my lap, I think it would burn me…

  5. Kailie Quinn

    That’s some apple grade premium right there. Granted, I love razer and they make good stuff, but I’m not going to pay up for that when I can grab a 15″ asus G series for ~ 1600 with 32gb of ram.

  6. Look, if Apple can successfully sell a $3,000 17″ Mac Book Pro to a niche market in which all Apple products only make up 10% of the PC market, then these guys can make it with a niche laptop. Especially if they can get the price down to about $2k in a years time.

    • Darksider666

      I agree this laptop is too over priced . and yes it might be thin and weight 6.9 pounds . id rather spend less than 2k on a alienware that will be able to run all my games NP,with even higher specs than that . and NO im not a fat losser with a Burger king job . im just saying the facts .its just too damm expensive.

  7. If this is built with ” true gamers ” in mind then razer is going to have to drop that price….for that amount of money one can build a monster rig. That being said it is very hard to play on a lap top as is and any elite gamer playing games such as World Of Warcraft or Rift will use an external mouse/keyboard as is.    Total Fail and will end up in the back alley dumpster with its homeless friend the DELL alienware. just my .02. gtfo.

    • It's not pitched at college kids with no money who will build a huge game station in their dorm room anyways – it's pitched at grown ups like me with jobs and money and we need the portability because we do half our gaming on the road in hotel rooms. Gaming laptop always will be a niche but I think Razer have just owned the market. I'll be buying one for sure, can't wait :-)

      • Hans_b has a point.  I also game and live in hotel rooms working about half the days of the year.  $2800 is a bargain for something so slim if it can deliver on the performance.  Besides, we probably save $2800 a year expensing our meals on the road right?

      • lol, its not pitched towards anyone you fool of a gamer(if i can call you that). Razer makes products for everyone not people with money, if they want more sales, that price has to come down to like 1600 but the price above isnt official anyways, its just a benchmark.

    • A true gamer are not the pimple-faced geeks that live in momma’s basement. They are the ones who went to school and took serious jobs to support thier passion. So, yeah, don’t get all butt-hurt because you can’t afford it off your Best Buy salary. It’s serious hardware out of the box wieghing in @ around 7lbs.

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