How to Replace a Broken iPhone Screen…it’s Easier than you Think (step-by-step)

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6 Comments to How to Replace a Broken iPhone Screen…it’s Easier than you Think (step-by-step)

  1. The one too that you will actuaally need to complete this task
    is something like a screwdriver, a butter knife, or anythiung else that can bbe used to pry something off
    of something. The i – Photo database file can become corrupt occasionally when i – Photo is noot shutdown properly
    or, sadly, just randomly (although thi is rare). You will then send your phone to the company who will fixx yor i – Phone and keep you regularly updated as to their progress while
    iit is being repaired.

  2. Fortunately, i – Phone Siim card tray replacement as well as that of many other spare
    parts is easy to take care of. Thankfully, plenty of
    different sites online make it possible to get the best and most contemporary case around, forr a
    fraction of the cost that an official retailer would end up choosing.
    If you’ve purchased a new or ‘new to you’ i – Phone online
    or from another user, then it’s possible it was sold to you wityh a small internal, but necessary,
    piece such as this oone already missing.

  3. What a Weirdo

    That Game Console Repair guy below sounds like he doesn’t want people cutting into his business. Don’t listen to him

  4. Hi
    First of all keep your iPhone safe. Don't drop it! and if your iPhone screen get damaged please don't replace it youself because its to hard to remove the front screen. This is my personal experience.

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