UPDATE: We added another video below, which shows the pipe being flipped back and forth with the magnets inside.

The next time your party turns sour, or just straight up boring you can resolve to this hand DIY magic trick.  Okay, it’s not exactly a magic trick and nor is it an illusion.  Actually, it’s more of a science experiment that is sure to impress anyone that has a general understanding of how gravity works.

Just simply drop a stack of neodymium magnets through a copper tube.  Most humans will expect the magnets to rapidly drop to the floor since they’re not exactly feather light.  But in actual fact they’ll slowly float through the tube.  Keep in mind float is a relative term, so perhaps a slow decent is a bit more accurate.  Supposedly “the neodymium magnets are super powerful and even though they are not attracted to the copper, they still produce eddy currents that buffer the fall as seen in the video.”

Christen Costa

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