Dyson Air Multiplier Review

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5 Comments to Dyson Air Multiplier Review

  1. We bought the AM01 10″ table fan today. It worked for six hours before quitting. When it quit the blue power light started blinking. We switched it off, unplugged it and waited ten seconds before plugging it back in and switching it back on. The power light was a steady blue for about two seconds and then it started to blink. The fan would not turn on. We will be returning it to the retailer for a refund. We were surprised and disappointed after spending a small fortune on this fan to have it fail on the first day. Our three year old twenty dollar offshore fan goes back on the table until we find a suitable replacement. It is doubtful that we will risk spending that amount of money on this type of fan again.

  2. Without explaining the Reynolds number that paragraph is meaningless.  Most people have never taken a fluid dynamics class or have any sort of physics back ground.  The Reynolds number has a unique meaning to each fluid it is calculated for and used to define what stage the airflow is in, laminar, transitional, or turbulent.  These types of flow are defined by a range of Reynolds numbers.  Laminar is the lowest range, then comes transitional, and finally turbulent.  These ranges also can vary with the nature of the flow, over a flat plate, within a tube, around a cylinder, or over a bank of tubes.  I am not personally familiar with the Reynolds number ranges for air or what type of flow this would be exatcly, but I believe it would be helpful to at least explain that a laminar flow is desireable.  I understand this is a review and there is no need to get in depth in the technology, but I believe bringing it up warrants an explanation. 

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