Until a few years ago, megapixels, otherwise known as photo resolution, was the name of the game.  But now the market is saturated with an abundance of cheap, high resolution cameras that can not only achieve stunning picture quality, but full HD video that is comparable to some professional cameras of just a few years ago.  But one problem still remains: an affordable dolly system for producing high end cinematography.  That is until now.

Justin Jensen of Austin, TX, while studying as an engineer at the MIT media lab, recognized this problem.  The result? The CineSkates. They’re designed, along with his patent pending Cinetics Connect attachment, to connect a portable tripod to a set of rollerblade like wheels, enabling everyday joes to achieve professional dolly like shots.   Those shots include:

  • Arcing shots that rotate around objects
  • Sliding shots that push or pull the subject into focus
  • Rolling shots that glide over the subject
  • Time-lapse shots that move the camera slowly and smoothly
  • Panning shots that scan a wide area
  • “Worm’s eye view” shots that slide just above the floor

He is quick to point out that his apparatus can be used in a variety of scenarios (detailed further in the video) such as weddings, music videos, real estate ads and even narrative or documentary films.

While it may take sometime to adjust to the CineSkates, it’s probably safe to conclude that the learning curve is pretty minimal.  But in the event you struggle with this new fangled camera toy, Justin is also tossing in a ‘how to’ video.

The CineSkates are made up of 44 different parts, so to call them intricate might be an understatement.   It’s up to you if you want to buy the whole kit, which includes not only the skates, a carrying case and his Cinetics Connects, but one of Joby’s GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X mounts.

As it happens Cineskates is a Kickstarter project.  They asked for $20,000 in funding and have already achieved their goal.  As a result you’ll have to wait for the Cineskates to enter the retail market, where upon you can purchase your very own for $200, or spend $350 and get the whole package, including Joby’s products.

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