What boasts seven 60-inch flat screen plasma TVs and 1,100 square feet of living space?  Logically you’d assume your typical wooden structured home, right?  Wrong.

The “Baby Girl” is Ashton Kutcher’s 53-foot, 30-ton trailer on the set Two and a Half Men.  At a cost of over $8k month it’s as expensive as some of the more lux homes in Hollywood.  Inside is a living area, two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite surfaces and a conference space.  On the outside are cameras that keep a 360 degree view on the surrounding area.  And because actors love to blast their music, the trailer will automatically lower the stereo’s volume and display the visitor when the doorbell rings.

The two floor “estate on wheels” expands hydraulically to provide the 1,100 square feet of floor space, enabling it to shrink down to meet U.S. road laws.   Apparently a three floor version, called the “Sky Box”, is in development.

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Christen Costa

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