Think Legos are only for kids? Think again! It seems a lot of people really enjoyed playing with their Legos as a child and kept up the fun well into adulthood, creating some unique and interesting “adult content” using Legos. These X-Rated Lego-based projects just goes to show how much fun Legos are when you’re a kid AND an adult!

5. Sexy Pole-Dancing Lego Fairytale

At the top of Everfrost Mountain (that’s made out of Legos), lives a might feisty bunch complete with a stripper! The pole-dancing toy is powered by a 9v motor so she can slide up and down the pole like a champ!

4. Lego Man’s Sex Tape

You figure practically every celebrity has one, so why not Mr. Lego Man, right? In the amusing Lego Man’s Sex Tape, the Lego peeps get it on, complete with some porno-inspired music.

3. “Ah!” Legos, Sex and Violence…Oh Yeah!

The video is full of Lego stop-motion Melee that might be pretty random, but it’s pretty damn entertaining.

2. Lego Masturbator

Sometimes your right and left hand gets a bit tired of some solo action…so for times like these, the lego-made “Beat Off Machine” will definitely come in handy! A great toy for those single gents out there!

1. Legos for Adults

Some one came up with a really cool concept…taking a photo of a hot chick in naughty positions and then Photoshopping it so that it looks as if she was built using Legos! We’re sure this spawned lots of remakes somewhere.

Kristie Bertucci

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