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Han Solo and R2D2 Ice Cube Trays


No geek’s kitchen is complete without these ice trays from ThinkGeek.  Both are $9.99 each and are made of food safe silicone.  The Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite ice tray is clearly the front runner, since it plays on the whole frozen theme, and goes perfectly with that flash drive....

playGo USB Wireless

playGO USB Wireless Speaker System


There are more than a myriad of options when it comes to wirelessly streaming music to a set of speakers in  your home.  For instance, there is Audioengine.  They provide a simple solution that consists of a USB dongle that plugs into your computer and sends tunes to an accompanying receiver unit....

iPad Fridge Magnet-1

iPad Fridge Magnet

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The iPad is a great addition to any kitchen.  A bit of a cliche, we know, but it’s the truth of the matter.  You can access a vast array of recipes for whipping up new dishes for the family, surf the web for the latest news while waiting for your...