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Ak 47 Ice Cube Tray-1

AK-47 Ice Cube Tray

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If you’ve seen the movie “Most Wanted”, or the show “Mythbusters” then you probably know that the Ice Bullet, as an actual effective piece of ammunition, is purely myth. “Most Wanted,” is clearly a fictional movie that stars Keenen Wayans and Jon Voight, so enough said there.  And Mythbusters, well, they just...

Slip and Slide Hockey Rink

Water Hockey Rink Scores Big with us


Summer might be on its way out – we know, hard to believe – but that doesn’t mean you can’t relish in the remaining weeks of warm weather and long days.  Come to think of it, there is probably at least 6-8 weeks of solid weather remaining, and if you’re...

Retro iPad Dock TV

Retro CRT iPad Dock Resembles an 80s TV


It’s odd.  We tend to through the old out to make way for the new.  But then the new gets old and we find ourselves wandering back to where we started.  While this can often be said in terms of relationship, the same can be stated for clothing and sometimes,...