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V-Moda M80 Headphones

V-Moda M-80 Headphones Look Indestructible, Use Memory Foam and Kevlar


Considering the whole gadget spectrum, headphones are usually the first to go.  Let’s face it, we treat them like yesterday’s news.  We tend to throw them around like they’re an after thought.  Tossed in a bag, onto a counter or simply dropped while working out.  So it stands to reason...


This Retro Jellyfish Tank will turn Any Dorm Room Pimp


Update: A commenter pointed us to the correct product page.  It’s a Kickstarter product and they’ve already received over $30k to develop it.  Our hats are off to Alex. Kids these days just can’t be satisfied with the usual assortments of toys that once satiated a generation prior.  Instead of...

fuji F600exr

Fujifilm F600EXR Point and Shoot Camera Does Photo Nav, GPS and Full HD Video


Fujifilm is certainly no stranger to photography, but global positioning systems, now that’s a different story. Yesterday, the company introduced the Finepix F600EXR. And while it boasts the usual assortment of high end point and shoot camera features (we’ll get into those in a sec), it includes a GPS system...


Weber Q140 (with cart) Review


[rating:4/5] I’ve used more than my fair share of grills throughout the years – wood burners, coal, and propane. I have stayed away from electric grills (like the George Foreman) like the plague. I can’t really explain the reason – I mean I’m strongly against electric heat on my stove...

Timberland Radler Trail Camp

Timberland Zip Up Shoes: Radler Trail Camp


Packing your bag for a trip is a bit of an art in upon itself.  Some are good at, other excel to the point of only requiring a carry-on for a weeks vacation, while others struggle to make their socks fit.  Shoes, however, are probably the biggest crux of any...

Grace Digital Vintage Radio

The Victoria Nostalgic Radio Looks Old but Plays the Web


Vintage will never go out of style.  And that’s probably why Grace Digital’s newest radio, the The Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio, combines the stylings of a 1940’s radio with the tech of today. Under the hood are dual 4-inch speakers with rear ports for added bass.  While we’re a bit...

Luna SST

Win An XtremeMac: Luna SST Alarm Clock From GadgetReview


GadgetReview is giving away an XtremeMac: Luna SST Alarm Clock, to ONE lucky winner! Not only does the XtremeMac: Luna SST Alarm Clock sport an iPhone dock, but it includes a detachable speaker for placement on an opposite nightstand for a companion alarm and full stereo sound.  The easy to...


Get Your Gleek On With Some Cool Tech


“Glee” is hitting the big screen with the release of Glee the 3D Concert Movie, and for all the “Gleeks” out there, we’ve prepared some cool stuff to inspire your musical talents and get you moving and grooving like some of your favorite “Glee” characters. Sing-A-Long Tongs Bust out a...