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K9 H20 Water Bottle


A water bottle is paramount when hiking the long and windy trails of any mountainous range.  Fold in a doggy in tow and you’ll need to lug along a separate apparatus – dogs can’t chug like us humans – to make sure you pooch stays well hydrated.  That is until now....

Skull iPhone Case

Skull iPhone Case


Stare at the above image very closely.  See it?  See the skull?  Kind of neat, no? The Skull is a stainless steel plate that adhere to the back of the iPhone 4.  Luxe Plates says that it won’t leave any residue after you remove it and that it won’t obstruct...

LED Door Handle Concept

The LED Door Handle is Beyond Brilliant


The LED Door Handle might only be a concept, but it’s just so damn brilliant we can’t see why it wouldn’t go into production.  But before we get into the details, lets consider the following scenario. Your power goes out.  The room is pitch black and you can’t see more...


HP ProBook 5330m Review


[rating:4.5/5] First things first: if you’re strictly a home based laptop user, the ProBook 5330m probably isn’t the best choice for you.  If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that you can bring with you places, look somewhere else my friend.  The HP ProBook 5330m designed for the business/enterprise user...


Orphiro Electric Motorcycle

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Just because you go green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. As more hybrid and electric vehicles become available, consumers want to be eco-friendly and still remain fashionable. For those who like the look of Harley-Davidson comes the Orphiro Electric Motorcycle. As a fully electric bike, the Orphiro Motorcycle...