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Joseph Garlic Crusher

Is This The World’s Smartest Garlic Crusher?


No matter how you prepare your garlic for cooking – chopping, crushing, mincing or grating –  your hands are either sure to smell or the clean up takes more time to complete than the task itself.  So what’s any self respecting chef to do?  You could invest in one of...

CCCS Front

Capture Camera Clip System Review


[Rating: 5] Lugging around a giant camera is not exactly how I envisioned becoming a photographer. For the best pictures, you need an SLR, but they’re big, bulky, and a hassle to carry. For the past two years, as I’ve picked up photography as a hobby, that’s the one sticking...


WowWee Light Strike Review


[rating:4/5] Last year at Christmas, WowWee toys was all the rage with their line of Paper Jamz toys; before that they were a giant smash with the Robosapien.  It seems like every time they put something out, it ends up being a hit – so will that same success rate...

iHome iA63

iHome iA63 Review


[rating: 4/5] iHome’s iA63 is a stereo speakered alarm clock with a 30-pin dock.  It’s compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (it is not compatible with the iPad), and includes a motorized dock that rotates from portrait to landscape mode at the touch of a button.  It sports a...