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Mouse with Digital Scale

Mouse with Built-in Digital Scale


Where there is smoke…there is probably a weed smoker and perhaps even a dealer.  You’ll probably also find a laptop or some sort of computer laying around their crib playing Sienfeld reruns.  And it’s not like this mouse will prevent the PoPo from deeming them a drug wielding and dealing suspect, it...


Torch Flashlight Review

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[rating:2/5] If there’s one thing that could be said about humanity, it’s that our incessant desire to build something bigger and better than something someone else has built which caused some crazy creations. It’s from that deep pool of wanting to do things better that the Torch Flashlight from Wicked...

8-foot bowling game

Bar Bowling Comes Home for $6,000


Nothing will ever replace the experience of visiting your local tavern and draining a couple cold ones with a few bros.  You get drunk, hit on women, pee on the seat and fall face down in an alley for a good night’s rest.  Or if you keep your wits about...


Sony’s CMT-CX5 Wall Mountable Stereo is iPhone Friendly


Don’t bank on Sony’s latest desktop stereo system coming to the US anytime soon, but here’s hoping.  The CMT-CX5 can be wall mounted or placed on a desktop.  Anything wall mountable is a plus in our book, especially since it reminds us of Bang and Olufsen’s uber expensive, and overpriced...