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Griffin Intellicase: Folio iPad Case with Smartcover


Striving for perfection, while impossible, should always be the goal at hand.  And if any iPad 2 case is gonna come close to that, it’s probably gotta be Griffin’s IntelliCase.  The case is designed to protect both the back and front of the tablet, all the while incorporating a smart...


Smartfish Whirl Mini Laser Notebook Mouse Review


[rating:4/5] Today I’m going to talk about the little brother to the mouse I reviewed yesterday. The Smartfish Whirl Mini is supposed to be perfect for laptop users, and just as effective as the Smartfish Whirl Desktop version for keeping your hand and wrist straight while using it. So how...

iHome SD63

iHome SD63 Retro Headphones


Retro is in.  Always has been and always well be.  Take for instance classic cars.  A 60s Mustang will forever hold its value.  And lets not forget about the music.  It will forever have a place in everyone’s hearts, old or young.  And as it turns out, the fine folks...


Top Five Tech Girls with the Best Racks


Girls that are hot and are techies…sign us up! While techies (or geeks for that matter) aren’t exactly thought of as very sex symbols, these five babes are definitely defying the norm—especially with their amazing racks (coupled with their intelligence, of course). And they are by no means in any...