Snap, crackle, pop! Make sure a firecracker does not take off a finger. Celebrating Independence Day is both fun and dangerous. Fireworks can cause serious injuries. Here are ways to celebrate and not blow anything up. That’s including setting fire your to neighbor’s lawn with a bottle rocket.

1. Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen

Not everyone has access to seeing a fireworks show. You can however buy or rent an inflatable movie screen. Have a backyard picnic. Invite friends or family. Watch fireworks or a movie on the inflatable screen.

2. The Light Show Fountain

Fountain sprays illuminated streams of water into the air. Color changing lights shimmer down underwater. A remote control allows you to select five different fountain shows. You also get six different light shows. All you need is four D batteries and a swimming pool or lake nearby. Fountain made by Solutions.

3. Uchiage Hanabi Indoor Fireworks Projector

Why party indoors? Rainy or super hot weather. Small children. Or may be you just don’t like the outdoors. No worries. With an indoor fireworks projector you can watch simulated fireworks in your own living room. The sound effects even sound like explosives. Cover your ears!

4. Soleus Air Party Fridge

Hold seventy-two 12-ounce soda cans, 48 beer bottles or 26 wine bottles chilled to perfection. Oh yeah, this is how you get a 4th of July party going! Takes only a minute to cool a soda or beer can, seriously! Can chill beverages 90 times faster than a refrigerator. Call it R2D2.

5. Outdoor Patio Grill & Smoker

Independence Day is not the same without a good grill or barbeque outdoors. You will need a good size grill, which is potentially a fire hazard. You can’t go wrong with this grilling gadget. It keeps the fire inside the grill instead of out in the open where someone can get hurt.

6. Memorex Music Cube Sound System

Best way to celebrate a holiday is with music. This cool gadget allows you to slip in your iPhone or iPod. Power box contains a multi-directional sound feature, which blasts the music 360 degrees. Line in feature allows you to connect a laptop, MP3 player or portable CD player.

7. Laserpod

You’ve seen one fireworks show you’ve seen them all. Be different and put on a laser light show no one will forget. Laserpod comes with two styles of light. The first is galaxies in red, blue and amber. The second is Supernova in red, green, bright blue, deep blue and purple. No explosive sounds that will scare the children or pets. But everyone will be mesmerized.

8. Glow Graffiti

It’s hard to enjoy the 4th of July without fireworks. To keep everyone out of harm’s way you could buy a few cans of Glow Graffiti. UV light emitted from the can excites luminescent material in a special photo-sensitive sheet. You can create uber cool glow-in-the-dark fun art. It fades in an hour so everyone can start repaint all over again.

9. Trip Glasses

You may spend Independence Day alone. You can still have a fireworks party in your mind. Put on the headphones. Next, put on the glasses. Press a button and for the next 14 minutes enjoy the fireworks ride inside your mind. Some hallucinations might ensue. Not for the faint hearted.

10. Morning Glory Sparklers

Officially, sparklers are not fireworks. Unofficial they are a fun part of 4th of July festivities that even a small child can handle. If you must have a type of fire-fun, these sparklers are 36-inches long. Keep your hands at a safe distance. Have a sparkling safe time!