If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly come across pictures of people lying down on the job. And it doesn’t stop there, there are pictures of people lying face-down in fields and crosswalks, on stairs and statues. It’s no coincidence, it’s a phenomenon. Around since the mid-to-late 1990s, planking has been done just about everywhere across the globe, from the edge of the Grand Canyon to the ocean floor. These aren’t all monks planking on the tips of spears, or kids teetering on the edges of skyscrapers, however, and the following is a collection of some of the geekiest planks in history. You can find plankers in physics class and the library, hanging out with R2D2, in Apple Stores or even in your favorite childhood video games. While they’re a small faction of the countless planks out there, they’re some of the best. Here’s a salute to a collection of the interweb’s geekiest planks:

10. Nerd planking
2 computers + 1 nerd = geek planking 101.

9. Library Books plank
Who even goes to a library anymore? Oh yeah, geeks. And plankers.

8. Physics Class plank
The rate at which these kids were recruited for this picture is directly proportional to how geeky each student is.

7. Triple Lego plank
Featuring the geeky toy since 1949, this Lego plank goes to three times the geekery of single-Lego planking pics.

6. Mario plank.
When everyone’s favorite Italian-American video game plumber/saver of princesses joined the planking craze, geek nation rejoiced.

5. LOL plank
Doing it for the lulz has never had a more literal translation than in this planking classic.

4. Apple Store planks (iPlanking)
Planking that costs you a job or could get you arrested might qualify as just plain stupid, but if it happens to be at an Apple Store, it’s also extremely geeky.

3. R2D2 plank
Planking. Check. Star Wars icon. Check. Instant Internet geek gold. Check.

2. George Takei plank
What’s the only thing that could trump a “Star Wars” plank?  A “Star Trek” planking by nerd icon Chris Hardwick on Trekkie idol George Takei. Oh, my!

1. Double Carbonite plank
The only plank that could trump No. 2 or No. 3 is the plank heard ‘round the geek world when “Star Trek” sequel writer Damon Lindelof tweeted this pic of he and co-writer Roberto Orci planking during a break from writing. In the background is a replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from “Star Wars.” Yes, Virginia, that IS a planking photo containing references to both “Star Trek” AND “Star Wars.”

Jessica Braley