Titan TTC-2.0 Exhaust Air Jack Vehicle Lift

Tradevar via ebay has a new and exciting offer for this Titan TTC-2.0 Exhaust Air Jack Vehicle Lift!

Now here’s a very interesting take on jacking up your car. With this Titan TTC-2.0 Air jack you use the air from your own exhaust pipe to leverage your car’s life. The way it works is very simple and clever, you simply connect the air pipe to your exhaust after putting the deflated device under your vehicle and watch as it inflates and of course jacks up your car. Once your vehicle is at the desires height you cut the engine and this inflated air lift will keep your car up for 45 minutes so you can do what you have to do. Afterwards you deflate it and place it in it’s carrying case. It’s lightweight, quick and easy to use and will definitely turn some heads the next time you decide to change out a tire with it.

Selling for $59.99 and no delivery cost.  That’s about 50% the retail cost!

Troy Coutu

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