Rating: ★★★★★

Having a nine year old son, I’m constantly bombarded by little R/C toys.  It used to be just the normal cars and trucks, but lately it’s been helicopters.  It’s normally tedious to see him with one of those cheaply made helicopters, because they’re ridiculously difficult to control for an adult, let alone a child.  So when I got the Micro Hornet in from Swann, my feeling were understandably mixed.  So how did the Micro Hornet hold up to the others?  Was it as tedious to have fun with, or was it like flying a kite?  Find out after the jump!

For starters, when I took the Micro Hornet out of the box the first thing that jumped out at me was the fact that the frame is entirely metal – a distinct difference to most of the other helicopters out there (I’m looking at you AirHogs).  There was a plastic shell at the front to be sure, but everything under that was a lot more solid.  The Micro Hornet also had four main blades plus a gyro to help stabilize it, where as the comparable (price wise) Havoc Heli by AirHogs has two main blades and a smaller set of blades that doubles as a make-shift gyro.

Like the competition, battery life is an issue – however when dealing with mini helicopters that will be the norm.  The instructions say you can get around five minutes of flight time per 30 minute charge, but mine ran good for over seven minutes consistently.  So how did it fly?  Amazingly well actually.  with almost no effort I was able to get the Micro Hornet to hover in place at a set altitude.  I was then able to very easily control it’s movements (a feat I’ve yet to accomplish with any other mini helicopter).  It’s quite responsive – more so than I could have asked for from such a small remote.

If you’re trying to fly it with the air conditioner on at your house, you’ll probably have some issues (due to the “wind shear” effect of hot air rising and cool air falling), the same as if you have a ceiling fan because it’s not meant to fly in excess winds.  Speaking of fans, I forgot to shut off my ceiling fan the first time I ran it.  As one would expect, the Micro Hornet went straight up…..and into the fan.  This is my testament to the durability of the Micro Hornet though, because even though the blades hit it and slammed it into a wall, it still flew (and flew straight and true) without any adjustments (except for me turning off the fan).

When compared to the competition, and with the price and fun factor taken into consideration, I have NO problem at all giving the Micro Hornet from Swann a 5 out of 5.  I will more than likely be picking up more of these to give as gifts this year because of the high quality.


  • Very easy to fly
  • Solid frame
  • Very decent price point


  • Low battery life
  • Doesn’t fly great outside
  • Air Conditioning makes for unpredictable flights

You can pick up a Swann Micro Hornet from a few different sellers at Amazon for around $39.99.