RYOBI 24V Trimmer Review

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4 Comments to RYOBI 24V Trimmer Review

  1. I have never used the battery string trimmers but have a friend that has the Ryobi and is very happy with it.  I live in a more rural area where my neighbors are not bothered by my gas string trimmer.  Good for the environment and good for lack of noise.  Great review.

  2. david drogowski

    Since everyone in my hood has a motorbike but me, I rely on my gas weed-eater to make it sound like a motor bike lives in my yard. Plus I can shoot rock like 75 feet!
      However, I would prefer the greenness of a battery tool.  Looks like this is a pretty good deal though I wouldn't pay more than $99, which is, I'll bet a good holiday (off-season) price for this puppy!.

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