RIDGID X4 5 Piece Combo Kit Review

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6 Comments to RIDGID X4 5 Piece Combo Kit Review

  1. Smart post with beautiful picture  and excellent content.Liked your article a lot.Very
    impressive written skills.Thanks a lot for sharing such excellent post. 

  2. It’s really a great kit of tools. RIDGID X4 tools works good
    & looking better than any other tools. Its prices are little bit higher
    than other tools but if you are looking for a good solid power tool set then
    RIDGID X4 tools kit is perfect for you.

  3. I recently purchased this set for the same price if 500 bills, but the kicker for me was a third battery offer that made this combo tough to beat

  4. Jsteele123

    Ridgid is good brand, although they have some good competition.  I've been looking for a good reciprocating saw included in a kit and this seems to be one of the better deals out there.  Unfortunately ridgid is ranked kind of low for reciprocating saws.


  5. david drogowski

    That's a hell of a deal if you need that stuff @ 100 per tool.  Based in the review I think this may ends up on the christmas list.  50 bucks of with a 10% coupon and I am sold..  If I had this stuff I would finish the nine projects that I don't really have the tools to do.  sweet!

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