RIDGID JobMax Review

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5 Comments to RIDGID JobMax Review

  1.  I absolutely love this product. I highly recommend it. It saved my behind twice in the first week of my owning it.
    TMAN….I had the same problem but I went over to the CS help desk (on Dec 28th),  paid for it and got my Starter AND the FREE Jigsaw (which is the most expensive head) three days later. Happy as can be!!!!

  2. The only problem I have experienced concerning the Job Max tool, the electric model has been on sale since Oct with a free head. There were never any in the store, the free head promotion went off Dec 28, now they have the units available. How nice for Ridgid.

  3. Hey great review. I have a few M12 tools that I take w/ me for “mid-level” projects but recently bought the 3amp JobMax to have a versatile “take everywhere” tool but I ended up ~hating~ the cord then I realized that the 18V Ryobi “Job-Plus” accepts Job-Max heads. It’s a great system now: 18V-vs-12V, cordless-vs-corded. Try the newer Jigsaw head it doesn’t disappoint.

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