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Exovault aluminum iPhone case

Exovault Aluminum iPhone Case

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The Exovault aluminum iPhone case is impractical, expensive and adds some significant bulk to the slender and svelte handset.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want it.  Unfortunately, they don’t make a version for the iPhone 4, but on the upside all you iPhone 3Gs users can now feel a...


Audio Unlimited SPK-24GX Review

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[rating: 4/5] For those that want sound outside on a deck or a patio, there’s a few options. One is that you could just bring your source of sound (laptop, boombox, cd player, etc) outside with you – but you would usually need to bring those sources back inside when...

MIC Keyboard Buddy Case for iPad

M.I.C’s Keyboard Buddy Case for the iPad 2


Zagg’s Zaggmate keyboard case for the iPad caused quite a stir when it launched last year.  Stealing the spotlight is M.I.C’s Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case for iPad 2.  Fundamentally it’s the same thing as the Zaggmate; a slot to position the iPad in an upright position and a Bluetooth keyboard...

Sony HDR-PJ50

Sony HDR-PJ50 Camcorder Sports a built-in Projector


Sony’s HDR-PJ50 handycam has stolen a play out of Nikon’s playbook.  To be more specific, it sports a built-in projector directly into the camcorders 3-inch fold out LCD screen, which we first saw a few years ago in Nikon’s Coolpix S1000pj.  Given the rather small, and probably underpowered nature of...

HORNET  12.45

Swann Micro Hornet Review

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[rating:5/5] Having a nine year old son, I’m constantly bombarded by little R/C toys.  It used to be just the normal cars and trucks, but lately it’s been helicopters.  It’s normally tedious to see him with one of those cheaply made helicopters, because they’re ridiculously difficult to control for an...

Cheschire Cat

Alice: Madness Returns Review


[Rating: 2.5] Personal tragedies are the stories that touch us the most, because of how closely they relate to us physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Often these tales are tragic not because of events that take place, but because they shed light on a larger downfall. Such is the case...




The TTi Group (makers of RYOBI and RIDGID tools) were kind enough to surprise me with their latest project – the STŌK Grilling System.  I’ll have a full review up next week, but for now you can enjoy the pics I just took of the grill, and it’s innovative grate...