LG Smart TV Upgrader Review

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46 Comments to LG Smart TV Upgrader Review

  1. Is the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K 400 with built in
    Multi-Touch Pad compatible with LG 47″ Smart TV,s ?

  2. I am glad I bought my LW6500 last year so I don’t have to buy this but, it must be a really good news for those people who bought an LG TV long time ago.

  3. Alfredhayesjr

    Sadly upgrader does’nt support subtitles on netflik, as does my Wii….which i gave to my daughter…..really miss the subtitles

  4. Rraphaelj

    FORGET the LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader:

    You do NOT have full internet access.

    It does NOT alow you to use a keyboard or a mouse. 

    You CANNOT watch Youtube movies or any other Flash content websites.
    LG Does not even support this part anymore: NO MORE SOFTWARE UPDATES!You can use it as a boat anchor maybe… depends on the weight of the boat…

  5. Using the Smart TV Upgrade can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse? Does the Smart TV Upgrade have full Internet access?  Will the Smart TV Upgrade turn my none Smart TV into a Smart TV?


  6. Anonymous

    The LG Smart TV up-grader  works pretty well based on experience, reviews facts and observation.

    • Mine does not play avi files. What software do you need to install on your computer? I installed the Nero software that came with the device. Thanks.

  7. Since the LG Smart TV up-grader has apps that i can use in downloading many features ease, i guess my worries are all over.

    • Rraphaelj

      Apps are totally useless and there will not be anymore than the useless ones already available…

    • Rraphaelj

      If you can live with apps that no one needs, NO flash content on websites, NO keyboard, NO mouse, and mostly: NO SUPPORT FROM LG… go for it! :-)

  8. This device is good in concept however poor in execution. Most of us purchased this device for online media which use flash. Many of these sites upgraded to Flash 10 – LG installed Flash 8. The device is pretty much obsolete unless LG provides a Flash 10 upgrade. As of Jan 1/12 – I strongly do not recommend this device….

  9. Budlightlime24

    what a waste of time, energy, money and patience. what they dont tell you is that it needs to be within 15 feet of the router otherwise it dont work. DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOUR MODEM IS BESIDE YOUR TV, HAS A HORRIBLE RANGE. AND LG PLEASE USE PAPERED MANUALS. PC’S AND TVS ARE FAR APART, AND I’M NOT WASTING INK AND PAPER.

  10. I connected the gismo to the TV but can’t get it to capt the internet signal. My laptop capts the internet signal from the same room. How can I get around that?Anyone?Thanks.Bobby

    • Rraphaelj

      Don’t ask LG, because they won’t know… plus they do not even support it anymore… :-(

  11. After thinking i would need nothing besides my lg tv/dvd players to enjoy my tv experience …. i purchased a logitech revue for $89. It has worked well for the most part. Netflix,amazon work. Vudu, hulu do not. Major networks do not either. Google tv has been updated for honeycomb…but it has not rolled to logitech yet. The solution?
    Purchase a good laptop with hdmi out. I have over 15 sites bookmarked to watch tv. All the major sites and hulu work.
    The BEST thing about a laptop vs fhese ‘smart’ tv boxes……YOU control the updates instead of waiting for aomeone else to send them to you.
    These boxes are a great idea if the company is sensing regular updates. Otherwise…do it yourself!

  12. The user interface is absolutely terrible, mainly because of the el cheapo remote. You have to use the left/right/up/down arrows to move through the alphabet buttons, and it’s always skipping buttons or not moving. The reviewer says it’s slow, but actually it’s a total pain to use. So frustrating I usually give up and go do something else. Supposedly the iPhone app for LG TVs works, but I can’t make it connect (still trying).

  13. Hands down, this is the best and cheapest streaming box if you want to stream video from a computer to your tv.  (other than the playstation/xbox but they are more $ and if you have two tv's, this is perfect for the 2nd one)

    • How can it be the 'best'… if LG is not going to perform future maintenance on it?  Not saying that IS the case… but after they bill the Netcast as 'the FUTURE of entertainment'… and then stop development….. when they say 'this will be the last box you need to buy'…. Sorry, I cannot believe them.

      • Rraphaelj

        “Future of entertainment”; the LG way: we sell you things that you think do certain things; they don’t so we sell you more things tand make you believe they do things… LG finds it entertaining to be responsible for heaps and heaps of electronic garbage that does not work and is failing by design, so you buy new stuff.

    • Dorothygaryallen

      Hi, i would normaly stream sports to my computer and was wondering if this is possible to achieve using this product?



  14. Don't buy as you cannot watch alot of video content currently available on the net. I spoke with LG and this device is not compatible with most video until they are able to update the media player. Thumbs down. We actually returned ours today!!

    • Why not connect an external hard drive directly to the smart tv…it works for my Lg 6500 series tv…it played the new mkv, mp4, mpe, avi's etc etc?

      • I can’t play avi files on mine. LG support don’t know what to do. What software do you need to install on your computer? Thanks.

    • I will probably return mine as well, fortunately I did not pay a lot for it as it was on sale, now I know why. :-)

  15. when i plug it in to the wall and tv and hit the on button what do I do next.  it does nothing.  if it is wireless it should work independently.  The internet router is available and I run the computer just fine right next to the tv.

    help confused.  Im ready to send it back and then I saw this sight.

    • ..you have to switch your tv to the input that you plugged the LG device into…just like when switching inputs to the one the dvd/blu-ray player is on…or a gaming system…

  16. This thing looks OK except two issues:
    1. It does not support multi-languages in MKV files and maybe others.
    2. Apps support limited numbers of Internet TV.
    It does not allow to add others, like WebTelek.

    • real player?  I bet it require flash installed.  I bought this box yesterday and hook it up it works fine but the browser content that plays on flash will not work… I am trying to get customer service for advice, for me if it can not access content that requires flash then its an obsolete product. for example try livestation.com and see if you can be able to watch tv…. 

  17. DID YOU KNOW????   For the past couple years, LG has incorporated their Netcast technology into their TV and Blu-Ray players.    They are STILL advertising on their website Netcast is 'the future of Entertainment'.    I purchased 2 tvs and 1 blu-ray equipped with it.   When I inquired about adding Hulu, LG stated… we are no longer developing new apps for Netcast.  Instead, we want you to purchase our Smart TV box.   They went on to say… it will be the last box you will ever need.     This from the same company advertising the 'future', when they have stopped creating new applications.
    I WAS very happy with LG products, until this incidence.   I even asked for some concession in purchasing this box (I bought my 55″ 3D TV in Feb 2011).. and was told, sorry we don't offer any.
    Is this a company you want to do business with?

  18. Thank you very much I have been looking at this for some time and the shopp assistants do not seem to know much about it at all. Have you looked at http://xtreamer.net/Ultra/ this seems to tick a number of boxes with the advantages of Android. Glenn

    • if it works as well as the apple TV then buy it.  Otherwise stick with apple tv.   Boxee on your ipad to stream from your computer direct to the apple TV.    I was looking at this as an alt. 

      • Kakamanna

        Thanks to ALL but i am late to read this and unfortunately bought LG …. S SSSSS>>>t , i should have read in advance. LG people, try to have some shame to work on your technology,,,

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