Lenovo S1801A (57Y6484) Notebook Stand

Lenovo has a super low price offer on their S1801A Notebook Stand!

When you use a notebook or laptop for extended periods of time it can get a bit uncomfortable leaning in to see it. Not with this Notebook stand by Lenovo! With this stand you can add that necessary tilt to your computer so you can sit back and relax without craning your neck or straining your back (Like me). This stand can withstand the weight of anything from 9-inches to a full 17-Inches and for a very heavy laptop you only need to make a quick hinge adjustment. Another benefit to giving your laptop extra lift is it allows air to flow more freely, therefore keeping your system cooler and that’s a very good thing especially in these hot summer months!

You can grab this Lenovo S1801A (57Y6484) Notebook Stand for only $19.99 – $11.99 coupon (USPC11JL26484) + $0 handling = $8!