Keurig Platinum Review

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8 Comments to Keurig Platinum Review

  1. Disappointed

    Loved the Keurig Platinum, but it died after 15 months.  Not sure I’ll buy another one of these.

  2. The one thing I don’t like is you choose what size cup you want to brew. Now if I make a small cup won’t it be very strong and a large cup very weak? Or does it compensate for that? I doubt it

  3. What about the water that stays in the machine and not the external reservoir.  How do you get that water out or do you even have to?

  4. david drogowski

    meh, I unplug my coffee machine ever morn after extracting approx 4.25 cups to a travel mug. Leaving these devices on sucks energy.  Don't get me wrong I like this product and know many who swear by it its just too rich for my blood.  Even the little coffees which I have bought as gifts for other are costly.  I guess I better start reading review of gadgets for lower class individuals.

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