The iPhone 4′s camera is without a doubt a top notch shooter. However, if you’re a PI, as in private investigator, it’s anything but practical.  That is unless of course you throw down $250 for the iPhone SLR Mount from Photojojo.  OK, so the chances a PI would use their iPhone 4 for snooping is beyond slim, but it does enable you to use your Nikon or Canon lenses with the iPhone’s camera, which means you can achieve that professional look on your smartphone.  The case itself is crafted from aluminum, comes with a special UV filter, and features two loops for attaching a strap and tripod mount.  

There are a few caveats to consider, though.  Keep in mind each brand has its own version.  So if you own Nikon and Canon lenses you’ll need to buy two of these, provided of course you’d like to use both brand of lenses.  The iPhone is mirrorless, so as a result the images will appear upside down, but that isn’t something you can’t fix in post.

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