FitBit Review

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5 Comments to FitBit Review

  1. Tigerrrlily

    I would be very happy with it but have had trouble syncing and had to fool around with it about 4-5 times since purchase a month ago. That would seem to be 4-5 times too many. This the 5th time, I cannot make it sync even though I have followed all the directions. Have others had this problem?

    • Yes, I’ve had nothing but trouble with the device and extremely poor customer service.  It finally, only after 3 1/2 weeks completely died.  I’m not getting any support from FitBit…. and finding an 800 # – Well,  I think I could breach security at the Pentagon faster~

      Below is a post from another blog:
      “Let the Buyer Beware!” This could be
      an amazing device if it worked properly but the real issue with this product is
      their support team – GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND A CUSTOMER SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER.  You can only communicate by emails which may as
      well be snail mail – because the turn around time is that slow.

      i’m so frustrated with the FitBit but more to the point with the customer
      support for this company. You can’t speak or communicate via “Live Chat” with
      anyone in this company. I’ve had an issue with my device since day two of
      purchasing it, just under a month ago.

      It started out by not updating to my Iphone, which I immediately reported
      to Fitbit. Finally, after two days of waiting I received a form email response
      asking me to push a pen in the base of the unit to reset it and if that didn’t
      work uninstall & reinstall – duh is all I can say. I sent the company an
      email back saying, prior to sending my initial email I made sure I followed
      their troubleshooting steps. Perhaps, they have customers that don’t follow
      their troubleshooting steps first but that wasn’t the case here. I wouldn’t
      expect them to know this, so I sent them another email indicating that I had
      previously followed their troubleshooting steps, prior to sending the initial
      email and asked for further assistance. Well, by the time they got back to me
      the device finally updated. I hear you only have to be within 5-10 feet of the
      base unit for the device to update. Wonder what that’s like? That has NEVER
      been the case for me. I actually have to take the fitbit device off my person
      and set it in the cradle for it to update and sometimes this can still take
      hours before it updates to my iphone and or laptop. Finally, after hours it
      updates. Low and behold, right after the updates, someone from the FitBit tech
      department sends me an email asking what the issue is. Apparently, they can see
      my activity, that’s great, however; if they would have reviewed my data while I
      was waiting the hours for the device to update they would have seen what I was
      talking about (was getting several authentication errors.) I’m not receiving
      updates in an even remotely timely manner. The frustrating part it took them
      two days to get back to me and by then it finally updated. In there lies the
      initial and ongoing problem.

      I’ve been complaining about this issue, off and on at least twice a weeks,
      since I’ve owned the device. I finally received an email from Jason and his
      support team that wasn’t actually a form email, horray! In the email he’s
      asking a few basic questions, i.e., my operating system, browser, computer,
      etc. Hopefully, it will be in this century that I will get a response,
      (extremely unprofessional way to run a business.) I would think if they wanted
      to weed out the customers that don’t read the troubleshooting steps that’s one
      thing but after all the emails I’ve sent to them, I would think they could
      recognize that I may have a valid point and would take the time to check it out.
      Unless of course they have many, many others with the same issue, which is why
      it takes them a minimum of two days to respond. This to me can be resolved by a
      simple email saying they would like to contact me by phone, what hours fit into
      my and their schedule?

      Now, yesterday, it again didn’t update my info from the device to my laptop
      or my Iphone. The data is lost ~ hopefully someone in their tech department
      will have a conscience and check it out.  This is not a software issue or an
      IPhone issue, this is a device issue. As a matter of fact, yesterday, I entered
      my sleep pattern only to find today that it’s saying I did not update it.
      Today, Friday, June 8, it won’t allow me to update my sleep pattern data. The
      device is still not recognizing my laptop. We are now on day two. I tried
      again to push a pen in the base of the device. I’ll see if it starts working
      again, but really do I have to go through all these steps every week? (Well, since posting my original blog, after resetting the device, it is now completely not registering any activity. )  There is
      something the mattter with my device and would like a replacement or my money
      back. Wouldn’t you? 

      I can honestly see why this device would be informative and fun if it were
      functioning properly. But for me, it’s only been a nightmare.
      I purchased
      this product in good faith – all I’m asking is for a device that works properly

      I’ve sent at least 20 emails to this company with very little response and
      the response I have received has been ZEROOOOOO help. I’ve asked for my money
      back as is written in the company guarantee but will be shocked if I get a
      response. I’ve given my phone number asking for someone to contact me but
      shocker – no response. I guess this company feels $100 for this device doesn’t
      warrant resolution~
      Extremely frustrated~ Connie 

  2. I bought one last week on a friend's recommendation and because I am sick and tired of pedometers and how bulky and in the way they can be. The price tag can be a huge deterrent. However, I find I am loving it! I wear it all the time and I am being motivated to do more.
    Is your health worth it? If you need motivating as I do, and seeing what I'm doing and trying to improve does motivate me – then I'd say it's definitely worth it!

  3. david drogowski

    Pffft.  Not waterproof = FAIL. (especially for the price tag).  If I run for 10 min I sweat enough to cause a flood watch if I had this near me it would be done for via soaking…

  4. Looks really nice!  I try to walk 70,000 steps a week & it would be great to know how many calories I'm expending when exercising.  I could really use this item, however I don't have the $97.95 for it :-(

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