Dremel Trio Review

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10 Comments to Dremel Trio Review

  1. Like all rotary Dremels, the Trio is a hobby tool. Used as intended, it is great. It was not intended to be a Sawzall or a Rotozip but, with patience and a lot of time, it will do their job better than they will do the job of a Trio.

  2. I brought the trio as a combo pack with multi tool. Everything works fine but the Trio. Finally threw it away the other day. So disappointed in dremel about this product. Just don’t think it’s ready for prime time yet.

  3. I can see the frustration people may have with this tool and the lack of accessories, however if you search for TRxxx accessories, you’re guaranteed to find 3/16″ bits.

    That said…I received this in the Dremel 3-pack (with the 300 series, and the Multi-Max) and used this to cut precise cuts in drywall with ease.  They have bits to cut stronger materials, but didn’t include it in the kit, but for the convenience of making detailed cuts quickly, I am impressed with this tool.

    Like the author wrote, it’s not going to replace dedicated tools, but for homeowners who are DIYers, this fits nicely into my arsenal.

  4. It’s practicality is limited to small scale projects. The tool is instable at higher speeds and prone to breaking when used for bigger projects that it was designed to do, especially the collets which are near impossible to find.

  5. Brownfamily0103

    This is my 3rd Dremel tool. Well, needless to say, I still have not learned to use it. I’ve TRIED to use it as a jigsaw and as a router, and I was highly disappointed. It or maybe I just seem to make a mess with it. I can not use it at all. So, it stays in the box. Maybe I will try again after reading these reviews. Maybe I had it turned up too high. I might slow it down a little and give it another whirl. Overall, right now, I HATE it.. it was a total waste of money……..

  6. it really ony a hobby tool i tried one  it would not work half as good as a jigsaw to cut curves shapes or what ever its a rotating cutter  ok it will plunge into workpiece  a jigsaw cant do that      the dremil would not follow the curve line  freehand it took its own path  i just put it away and used the jigsaw its blade works up & down and it cuts pretty good to a given line with ease   it ok sanding     a no for me

  7. ted maddux

    i just bought a dremel trio ,thinking i could buy more cutting accessories at a later date.don't . i was very disappointed  there wasn't anything available in a 3/16 shank . seems like there should be a selection of collets  to fit in the same nut like one of the smaller dremel tools have .is that possible ? i would have to give the  trio 3 out of a possible 5

    • I’d give this tool a 1 out of 5 based on the fact that there are NO accessories for it….Don’t waste your time or money with this tool. It will sit in your tool shed to collect dust. Mark my words

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