We’ve seen portage kegs, miniature kegs, but never a mobile beer bar, which is why we’re impressed with Alpina Grills & Catering System’s Mobile Bongos Beer Bar. Not only does it provide ice-cold beer on tap, but it also features a very modern and sleek design and is completely transportable, making it easy to push from your man cave, to your backyard for a BBQ or just about any room you’d like!

Ideally made for caterers, the Mobile Bongos Beer Bar fits into any social setting really. As long as you enjoy beer, this beer bar is for you.

Thanks to its sturdy wheels, this mobile beer machine can handle any surface you throw at it (okay, maybe not every thing, but you get our point), gliding over smooth surfaces and tacking grass or dirt like no one’s business for outdoor parties and use. Its specially designed refrigeration system allows the beer to stay at its ideal temperature for hours at a time without the need of an electrical current, so you don’t have to carry around an extension cord or have to be on the look out for power outlets toting this baby around! It’s great for partying where electricity can’t go like tailgate parties, celebrations at the park and what not. No matter where you go, the party will always follow thanks to this mobile beer bar.

And for those who like to cook, you can opt for fitting the beer machine with a cooking top! Yup, you read that right. You can use it as a beer tap AND grille. Man, these guys are geniuses, right?!

So, now the Bongos Beer Bar becomes a mobile tap and grille. You now have the opportunity to drink and cook delicious food at once and from the same place, making this option great for those who love to throw outdoor parties since it goes anywhere you do. Oh, and did we mention it even comes with a glass washer! And thanks to its professional looking presentation, all your friends will totally be impressed.

But since all great things seem to have a very high price tag, don’t expect this baby to come cheap. Instead, get ready to dish out about $11,300 for the luxury of having the mobile beer bar.

Kristie Bertucci

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