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Super Collar

Super Collar: Strong Enough for a Bear?


It’s a back breaking experience to bend over and hold your 155lb dog by the collar.  Chances are this scenario presents itself when strangers come to the door or your release good old fido from the back of the car. Enter the Super Collar.  It features a built-in retractable 3-foot leash that...

snowtrooper cufflinks

Snowtrooper Star Wars Cufflinks


Snowtrooper Star Wars cufflinks, need we say more?  Slips77 has them on sale at their Etsy store for $35.  However, shipping will cost you $4.50, unless of course you reside in Norway, where shipping is just $3. Read...


Hot-Pot BBQ:Garden & BBQ Grille In One Package!


Two-in-one items are always the best! Not only do you get more for your money, but multifunctional pieces are also always welcomed when you’re trying to save space and money. Black+Blum’s Hot-Pot BBQ Grill ($124) combines a gardening pot/herb garden (that actually functions as an actual terracotta that you can...


Multifunctional Alarm Clock: The Alternative Alarm Clock


In today’s world, where we’re always looking to save time, effort, energy and space, multifunctional pieces are always welcomed. Take for instance the Alternative Alarm Clock from designer Kihyun Kim, which is not only an alarm, but also serves as an extension cord with two outlets! It’s diverse and modern design...


Harman AKG GHS-1 Review

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[rating: 2.5/5] Harman and AKG are names that have been long associated with high end stereo equipment (AKG has been around since 1947, Harman since 1953), so it was a real shock to me when I saw they were making a gaming headset.  Could this be the start of something...