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The TTi Group (makers of RYOBI and RIDGID tools) were kind enough to surprise me with their latest project – the STŌK Grilling System.  I’ll have a full review up next week, but for now you can enjoy the pics I just took of the grill, and it’s innovative grate...


Lounge-Wood Laptop Desk


The Lounge-wood is crafted of wood and steel and supports your notebook in a comfortable and ergonomic position while you sit on your butt and surf the web.  It’s fully height adjustable, while the table can be positioned in virtually any angle to accommodate even the most finicky of laptop...

LEGO Porsche

LEGO Porsche is Fully Operational (video)

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This to scale LEGO Porsche 911 is absolutely insane.  The roof is not only retractable but motorized, the hood can be opened by pulling a lever from the interior, the doors have real locks and that’s just barely scratching the surface.  Your best bet is to checkout the YouTube video...

Angry Birds Board Game

Angry Birds Board Game Now Available

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We were kind of left wondering how the Angry Birds board game would play out.  But now, thanks to ThinkGeek, we’ve got all the answers we need.  First off it costs $23.99, before shipping costs that is.  Unlike the iPhone game it includes a finite amount of game pieces, so...