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Dock Fan for iPhone (video)


There are more than enough crappy iPhone accessories on the market today, so why not throw another one in the pile.  Actually, the Dock Fan isn’t the worst accessory we’ve seen to date and it will probably get scooped up by a number of you, especially in light of the...


BrickGun: A LEGO Handgun

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LEGOs are for kids, right?  Why some might dispute that, especially in light of Darth Vader’s Personal Spacecraft, there are other options.  Enter the BrickGun. They’re a 1:1 scale of the real thing and arrive in pieces (240 to be exact) for you to erect.  Trigger, slide, hammer and even...


Dremel Trio Review


[rating:3/5] Almost everyone I know has at least one version of a Dremel rotary tool in their arsenal of tools, so when Dremel sent me one of their new Trio units to test out I was pretty excited. They claim that the Trio has “360 degree cutting technology”, which means...


YikeBike: The “Urban Freedom” Electric Bike


Created as a solution to the congested ways of urban living, the YikeBike provides an aesthetically pleasing and fun mode of transportation for urban city dwellers. Similar in purpose as a Segway, but designed in a totally different manner, the YikeBike is touted as the “cooler” way to get around....


V-MODA Premieres True Blood V-80 On-Ear Headphones


V-MODA is one of the premier headphone manufacturers in the world, and now they’ve partnered up with HBO to bring you the “True Blood Collection”.  These new V-80’s combine the high style that V-MODA is known for, with the dark and brooding color scheme HBO’s vampire drama.  I’ve always liked...