Wii SANYO Inductive Charging System

Amazon has the lowest price around for this Wii SANYO Inductive Charging System which comes to only $39.99 – $11 Instant Discount + Free Shipping = $28.99 for a limited time!

We all know how annoying it is to constantly switch out the batteries in your Wii Remotes, so for a super low price this Sanyo Charger can alleviate your battery woes once and for all! Don’t miss out on this discount for a must-have product for you Wii, the Sanyo Inductive Charging System for your Wii Controllers is the only charger which is officially licensed by Nintendo and is compatible with MotionPlus. The system itself comes with two batteries which can be recharged hundreds of times and at the same time and utilizes a safe system which automatically stops electrical flow if metal comes between the contacts. It is also powered only by USB which means you can plug it right into your Wii or any other USB port around, no wall outlets are needed!

Troy Coutu

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