Lenovo N5901 (57Y6336) Remote with Trackball

Lenovo has once again lowered the price on their innovative Computer Remote keypad and trackball!

If you’re looking to control your computer from afar, either for using a large monitor or even creating a powerful computer based home theater system this handy device is for you! This Lenovo N5901 Remote Control is designed to give you all the functionality your computers needs wirelessly and from anywhere in the room. It all starts with the nano USB dongle which lets you control from up to 10 meters away and continues on with the full keyboard and shape set up for easy typing and even a trackball for mouse control. To make it even better it also contains media keys and buttons for that precise control you need over your entertainment from anywhere in the room.

You can grab this Lenovo K4803A (57Y6566) Black Keyboard from Lenovo for just $19.99 – $10.99 Coupon (USPC11JN36566) + Free Shipping = $9!

Troy Coutu

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