Lenovo M0520 (57Y6361) Stereo Speakers

Lenovo has a new coupon discount going for their M0520 Portable Stereo Speakers!

It’s a commonly known fact that speakers which are built into laptops just don’t have that oomph you were going for, but now for a stunningly low price you can get your hands on these portable alternatives. These Lenovo M0520 Speakers are designed by 2 standards; Portability and style. Their portability comes from the fact they only require USB to be powered, which makes them ideal to use with laptops and even netbooks, and their style comes from their sleek and unique looking design which is an interesting addition to any laptop system. They feature high quality sound and you simply plug them into USB and your 1/8 audio output jack to use.

You can grab these Lenovo M0520 (57Y6361) Stereo Speakers for just $29.99 – $17 Coupon (USPC11JN46361) + Free Shipping = $12.99!

Troy Coutu

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