BMW Hover Bike, is it Real?

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BMW Hover Bike
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3 Comments to BMW Hover Bike, is it Real?

  1. Hi,
    Wow thats really looking awesome, BMW had done a good work on its design the concept of these bike is its motorcycle with fully loaded features, its powered by a lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system and a high-performance..

  2. OK, this hover bike may have 2 rotors moving in opposite directions (to eliminate feedback force) and that's why it doesn't change course to left or to right, like similar helicopters with two equal rotors on top. But how it may be prevented from turning over? Helicopters have their weight all under rotors, in this “bike” the heavy engine is in the middle between them and the rather heavy rider above. Besides, it is always better to have 4 rotors for more stable flight, even in toys (when a toy crashes it isn't a big sorrow but this thing supposed to carry a human).

    I think that's why there are those ropes holding it. This thing isn't stable enough and the rider can't hold it balanced. But the idea is brilliant.

  3. I'm no engineer either but I too have my doubts. The design and control looks too simplistic for it to be able to go up to 173 and heights of 10,000 feet. If it does go into production, it would be really something!

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