Astro A30 Headset Review

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2 Comments to Astro A30 Headset Review

  1. david drogowski

    Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! That's a hefty fee for earphones, then again, if I had a money tree I would hand these out for Halloween! Another con, who would want to to get these used?  I have a feeling resale vale is not in this equation…

  2. Wow this headset looks way awesome. at $249, that's quite a lot for a headset. I just don't know if you can clearly hear the difference between middle end headsets. I bought a Beats Studio a month ago for noise cancellation and a little bit of peace whenever I'm working or whenever I want to. It works quite as well for me. I hope it will do the same with the Astro A40 headset owners as well.

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