Rating: ★★★☆☆

Owning an expensive gadget without some sort of protective case could be considered blasphemous to some.  Granted I normally go unsheathed when it comes to my iPhone 4, but when I got my iPad I wanted some level of protection for my new fangled gadget of awesomeness.  As I sought out a case that would suite my needs, I generally tended to favor the cases that had the most features.  The TuffWrap from Xtreme Mac is not one of those cases.

Bare bones in its entirety, the TuffWrap is a basic as all hell sleeve that provides a smooth grip with some level of shock absorption.  The review version I received was a stark ivory white color and looked quite attractive.  It features some recessed grooves for extra grip around the sides but I really didn’t notice either way.  The whole case feels much more slippery than the aesthetic would indicate, and adds a tad bit more weight to your iPad.

All the ports lined up nice and flush and the skin was easy to remove and put on.  All the edges of the case are angled down towards the iPad giving the TuffWrap a firm hold on the tablet.  Obviously there isn’t much else to talk about here.  There’s no way to balance the iPad in Portrait or Landscape mode so you’re on your own for that.  The overall fit of the case is a little bit sloppy in that the sides (in portrait mode) stretch too easily depending on how you grab it.  Additionally, it’s really hard to toggle the Mute/Side Switch button as that groove could have been wider to allow at least a thumbnail into the space.

Thankfully you can find it online for just over $10, so it may be worth your while to check it out.  In conclusion, the Xtreme Mac TuffWrap is an decent sleeve if you’re in need of a no frills cover for your iPad.

But it here for $12!

Jeff B