Monthly Archives: May 2011

iOS 5

iOS 5 to Deliver Over-the-air Updates?


According to sources close to Apple, the company will begin to provide software updates over the air waves. What does this mean to you?  No longer will you have to plug in your handset into your computer, launch iTunes, download the update and then install it.  Instead, your phone will...

Nintendo Wii Price Cut Coming May 15th, $150


The Veer 4G is launching on May 15th.  That same day Nintendo will officially slash the price of their Wii Bundle from $200 to $150 according to retail sources.  They say they’ll replace Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports, which is currently included with the console, with Mario Kart Wii...

Turtle Pens

Turtle Pens Are the New Ball Point Pen, but Way Cooler (video)


Push pens can drive anyone bananas.  An endless array of “click, click, click” from your anxious riddled cubicle neighbor can drive anyone bat s&!# crazy. Turtle Pens have removed the easily accessible, and traditional push mechanism and have replaced it with casing that snaps back.  Imagine it to be the equivalent of...

Colorware iPad 2

Colorware iPad 2 is Here, $900 (video)


The Colorware iPad 2 is here.  So pick your poison, or should we say color.  It’ll cost you, though.  They don’t specific the capacity, but we’re assuming it’s 16GB.  The WiFi version starts at $900, while the 3G version sells for $1030....