Monthly Archives: May 2011

V-paintball Machine

840 Paint Ball Barrel Gun Paints Walls in Seconds (video)


What has 840 paint ball barrels and paints cartoon characters?  The V Paintball Machine.  It’s all part of a publicity stunt to promote New Zealands V energy drink.  While we can’t endorse any of those syrupy, chemical laden beverages, we are digging the trucks ability to back up to any wall and...

HP Elite LED Monitor

HP Elite 21.5-inch LED Monitor Measures 0.4-inches Thick

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Say hello to HP’s Elite L2201x, an ultra thin 21.5-inch LED backlit monitor.  Okay, so it actually measures .4-inches thick, but that ain’t nothing to snub your nose at.  It provides a full HD picture (1920×1080), 5000:1 contrast ratio, 16ms response time, 250 cd/m2 brightness and one displayport for connectivity....

7th gen iPod Nano

7th Gen iPod Nano with Camera Rumor Reemerges


Pictures of 7th generation iPad Nano reemerged yesterday.  As discussed in a previous leak, the next gen iPad Nano will include a 1.3 megapixel camera.  A source that is supposedly close to the project stated that the new Nano won’t have a built-in clip, unlike the current gen version, to...

JDCD Wood Alarm Clock

iPhone Wooden Bedside Alarm Clock


For many the smartphone has replaced the standard bedside alarm clock.  But for those of you that still want the old world charm of a classic, wood finished flip clock, look no further than the Jonas Damon’s Alarm Dock. Okay, so it’s effectively a piece of Beech Wood designed to...

NES Lunch Box

NES Lunch Box


We’ve seen the NES, better known as the original Nintendo Entertainment System, repurposed before, but never as a sandwich toting device.  In other words it’s a lunch box.  We’re a bit skeptical on w hofar the mod has gone, because chances are someone just slapped a briefcase handle on the...

Bullet Pen

.375 Bullet Pen


The person that said that the pen was mightier than the sword, obviously didn’t know about the Fisher Space Pen.  It’s made from a real deal .375 caliber bullet and probably isn’t best for those of you that do a fair bit of airplane travel. If you’re wondering how it...

Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Review


[Rating: 5] There’s no such thing as the perfect phone. Just like computers a few years ago, it seems like as soon as you walk out of the store with a new phone, there’s something even newer, even better, and for less that just came out. So picking a good...

iPhone 4 Egg WiMax Case

WiMax iPhone 4 Case: the Egg

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4G, or WiMax as it’s better known in Korea, has yet to arrive on the iPhone.  Here’s hoping for the iPhone 5, but a long shot, especially considering that rumors point to a larger screen and slightly improved form factor, one that isn’t hopefully far less fragile. The Egg is...

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