iSkin 3 Degree iPad Pillow Case Review

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iSkin 3 Degree - 1
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3 Comments to iSkin 3 Degree iPad Pillow Case Review

  1. It's always nice to see some solid concept pictures for an Apple product, especially when they are fueled by leaks from manufacturers like Foxconn. The upcoming iPad 3 tablet has had fans and the media reporting on rumors even before the iPad 2 was officially released and went on sale. While some concept pictures are truly for fun and won't ever even come close to the real product, shockingly some mockups are almost aligned perfectly with the actual design, specs and functionality.

  2. I might use this if its not too bulky. Price, yeah a little too steep but not exactly out of my range. Do you know where I can get my hands on a “demo”?

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