Rating: ★★★☆☆

With the seemingly endless array of iAnything products to choose from, it’s nice to see some alternative ones pop up here and there.  iSkin’s 3 Degree is just that.  Sort of a secondary case in my opinion, the 3 Degree would be great for those on the go especially when travelling by air as the case easily doubles as a slick little head pillow.  

Made from Premium Italian Micro Nylon, you’d hardly believe from the exterior that it has anything at all to do with an iPad.  But it does.  Ultra slick and plush, the 3 Degree easily fits the iPad 1 or 2, and uses a heavy gauge retro zipper to seal the enclosure.  While the padding is surely sufficient, it’s not going to be strong enough to withstand any type of heavy puncture or great fall.  It will however, pack away real snug in a backpack or duffle bag.

The zipper clasp has a nice feel to it and the extension also has a sturdy adhesive effect, making it easy to grasp and use.  With the iPad inside, the 3 Degree is fairly lightweight and makes for some aesthetically pleasing “Pillow Talk” if you will.  Of all the iPad cases available, I prefer mine with more features and a bit more ruggedness, but those looking for something different might want to check this case out.

The biggest problem with the 3 Degree is the ridiculous price tag:  $80!!!  You’ve got to be kidding me.  What fool is going to shell out that amount of money for something this featureless?  It’s more worth $30 to be fair and I couldn’t find it on Amazon for cheaper.  In the end, the case is kind of cool but is destroyed by its price.  It does fit the iPad and another additional case if small enough, in “case” you’re wondering (see 1st pic).

Additional features include a small pocket on the inside of the case for prescription medicine, and it has a small hole at the end of the zipper to attach a key ring or lanyard.

Buy the iSkin 3 Degree iPad Pillow Case here for $80!!!

Jeff B