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iSkin 3 Degree - 1

iSkin 3 Degree iPad Pillow Case Review


[rating: 3/5] With the seemingly endless array of iAnything products to choose from, it’s nice to see some alternative ones pop up here and there.  iSkin’s 3 Degree is just that.  Sort of a secondary case in my opinion, the 3 Degree would be great for those on the go...


Lockitron: Open Your Doors with a Smartphone (video)


Lockitron allows you to lock or unlock your front door with the use of any Internet connected phone.  It works by sending a signal to a small device plugged into your home’s router, which subsequently instructs the door to unlock or lock.  The kits can be self installed and work...

Nook Simple Touch

Nook Simple Touch Release Date and Price, $139 & June 30th

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Generally speaking a product’s life cycle includes one of additional features and more bang for buck.  The Nook Simple Touch is anything but that. It costs $139 and includes a 6-inch e-ink touchscreen.  Unlike B&N’s other Nooks, there is no color screen or Android OS.  It’s a simple as pie...