Daily Archives: May 23, 2011

Aston DB4 Zagato

Aston Martin Reveals an all New DB4 Zagato


This is the drool worthy Aston Martin V12 Zagato.  Under the hood is 6.0 liter V12, which produces 510hp and a top speed of 190mph.  It boasts Zagato’s signature double bubble roof, which we just learned is designed to allow for a racer’s helmet.  A new handcrafted aluminium body insures...

AGA Total Control Oven

AGA Total Control Cast Iron TouchScreen Oven (video)


Just when we thought nothing else could be adorned with a touchscreen control, along meanders AGA’S Total Control Cast Iron Oven. For $15,500  you’ll be cooking with the Top Chef’s of the world thanks to an ultra fast heat up time of just 8 minutes.  It includes a boiling plate,...

Blast Chair

Exploding Leg Chair


The Funky Blast Chair takes some serious audacity, pizazz and risky behavior to add this piece to your home.  The UK chair is ironically crafted from American Ash and each leg, 31 in total, has received a hardwax oil finish, which we can only assume means it won’t crack or...

Graffiti Pen-1

Graffiti Pen


While we can’t endorse “tagging” – known as graffiting to older generations – the Graffiti Ballpoint Pen would surely snaz up any artist’s desk.  However, that spray top, while it might look functional, is in fact just a click top.  But hey, it effectively accomplishes that same result, which is...