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Eton Soulra XL iPod Dock Charges in Just 5 Hours from the Sun

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Eton’s Soulra XL packs a 72 square inch enhanced monocrystal solar panel just in case an apocalypse hits or you happen to reside in a densely settled area that experiences rolling blackouts.  Inside is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that completely charges in 5 hours of sun and provides an equal amount of playback, which...

V-paintball Machine

840 Paint Ball Barrel Gun Paints Walls in Seconds (video)


What has 840 paint ball barrels and paints cartoon characters?  The V Paintball Machine.  It’s all part of a publicity stunt to promote New Zealands V energy drink.  While we can’t endorse any of those syrupy, chemical laden beverages, we are digging the trucks ability to back up to any wall and...