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iPhone 4 Egg WiMax Case

WiMax iPhone 4 Case: the Egg

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4G, or WiMax as it’s better known in Korea, has yet to arrive on the iPhone.  Here’s hoping for the iPhone 5, but a long shot, especially considering that rumors point to a larger screen and slightly improved form factor, one that isn’t hopefully far less fragile. The Egg is...


Sith Series Laser Would Make Darth Vader Proud


The Star Wars Saga is heading to Blu-ray later this month.  Cool, but it don’t hold a candle, or should we say light saber, to Wicker Laser’s Sith Series laser. On either end is their 1W Spyder 3 laser, one of their most powerful.  It can fire an ultra powerful...

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt Review


[Rating: 3.5] One thing about HTC is that they build thick phones. This is a purely aesthetic deduction. Some people want a heavy handset while others always want smaller, thinner and lighter. Yet with the Thunderbolt, thickness doesn’t only come in its girth and weight. It’s heavy on features, like...