Daily Archives: May 3, 2011

Turtle Pens

Turtle Pens Are the New Ball Point Pen, but Way Cooler (video)


Push pens can drive anyone bananas.  An endless array of “click, click, click” from your anxious riddled cubicle neighbor can drive anyone bat s&!# crazy. Turtle Pens have removed the easily accessible, and traditional push mechanism and have replaced it with casing that snaps back.  Imagine it to be the equivalent of...

Colorware iPad 2

Colorware iPad 2 is Here, $900 (video)


The Colorware iPad 2 is here.  So pick your poison, or should we say color.  It’ll cost you, though.  They don’t specific the capacity, but we’re assuming it’s 16GB.  The WiFi version starts at $900, while the 3G version sells for $1030....

My Eco Soda Can

My ECO Soda Can, Reusable and Microwaveable


Soda can? Wrongzo.  The My ECO can is a reusable, refillable, resealable container.  Only instead of aluminum they’re crafted of a biodegradable material called PLA (PolyLactic Acid/Corn Starch).  The lids can snap open and closed, and because of their size, 9.5oz, they’re a perfect fit for any car cup holder....

Clothespin Light Bulb

Clothespin Light Bulb (video)


Most light bulbs twist and turn into place.  But how about a version that clips?  The Peg uses a clip mechanism, like a clothespin, to hold the light bulb in place and all the while transfers energy to the attached bulb through a set of contacts.  It’s a pretty neat...